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    Equipment & Service that Make the Grade

    How would you grade your current kitchen equipment and service providers? Do they make your job easier and help you do it better? In our humble opinion, you deserve nothing but A+ performance across the board.
    We’ve done our homework, and we know what it takes to operate K-12 food services more efficiently and effectively. You can check our transcripts. You’ll find satisfied food service professionals all over the country. We’re more than up to the test, and our equipment and support services can help you get more done, more efficiently than ever before.

    Conveyor Type CLe Commercial Dishwasher

    ENERGY STAR® rated, an ideal candidate for a sustainable operation.

    The CLe Dishwasher is so efficient, it can clean up to 8,550 dishes an hour with 50% less rinse water and energy and in less space than comparable models. The conveyor dishwasher of the future is here and because it’s a Hobart, it’s built to last for years and years.

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    AM Select Door Type Dishwasher

    The ENERGY STAR® qualified AM Select is like having two machines in one.

    One for pots and pans, and one for all your dishware. Using only .74 gallons of water per rack—less than any other door-type dishwasher on the market—the ENERGY STAR qualified AM Select door-type dishwasher can save you up to $1,400 a year in energy and water, compared to the AM14. (Projected saving is based on five hours of warewashing per day.)

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    Prep Washer

    Wash it all, all in one load.

    The Hobart prep washer offers greater flexibility by enabling a wider range of kitchen items to be quickly and effectively cleaned in a single load. The new line of Hobart prep washers is designed to improve cleaning performance, decrease energy usage and environmental impact, lower labor costs, and optimize chemical usage and water quality.

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    Legacy Countertop Mixer

    Hobart Legacy Mixers deliver repeat performances daily. So you can, too.

    With its exclusive swing-out bowl, the Legacy mixer revolutionized mixing, making it much simpler to install or change bowls and add or take out product. While bringing a new ease to mixing, the Legacy retains the features that have made Hobart mixers the industry standard. Built to last for years, its major components are analyzed and life-tested under extreme conditions to ensure durability.

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    HS Series Slicer

    Exceeds expectations with every slice.

    The NSF 8 revisions are tough. Tough enough to make some manufacturers opt for easier certification routes. But on our HS Series, you'll find NSF 8 revisions meant to deliver a slicer as well as it protects. In addition to sealed seams, compliant fasteners and removable parts for easy cleaning, you’ll find four patented features for better operation.

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    Continuous Feed Food Processor

    Because it’s your job to feed continuously, too.

    A mountain of vegetables doesn't have to mean a mountain of prep time. Hobart’s line of continuous-feed food processors lets operators slice, dice and chop faster while still delivering consistent results. Large-size feed hoppers eliminate precutting and enable the processing of a wide variety of products, including continuous cutting of long products such as carrots and cucumbers.

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    Rotating Rack Oven

    Making it simpler for you to achieve perfectly cooked food.

    Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens are ideal for baking, roasting or reheating a variety of food, thanks to our unique airflow system. Heat is controlled so that it is dispersed evenly from top to bottom of the oven. The result is that everything from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles can be cooked thoroughly and evenly.

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    Mini Rotating Rack Oven

    Bake in it. Roast in it. Rethermalize in it.

    The Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven does everything a full-size model does, except take up more space. The mini rotating rack oven is one of few at this size with a rotating interior rack for an even bake for everything from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles. Now that’s making a big impact.

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    Perfect results are practically foolproof.

    Huge space, limited space—Baxter Proofers let you use exactly the space you need. Baxter’s modular design lets you custom fit your proofer to your rack capacity requirements or into available space—you don’t have to settle for a choice of just three or four sizes.

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    Service & Support

    Ready When You Need Us Most

    In K-12 food service, there aren’t too many things worse than hungry students that can’t be fed when they’re ready to eat. They’re hungry. They’re angry. They’re hangry! Fortunately, our world-class service and support teams are ready when you need them most. From answering quick questions over the phone to on-site problem solving, routine maintenance, and repairs, we’ve got you covered. Whatever comes your way, you can count on our responsive, corporate-trained experts to help keep your kitchen running as it should. To help you avoid the wrath of hangry students.

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