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    K-12 Food Service in a Class by Itself

    The Hobart & Baxter Prep Academy is dedicated to helping K-12 food service professionals prepare students for the future. We understand the tremendous importance of feeding our nation’s students and the unique challenges that go along with it. That’s why we’re giving you the products, resources, and support you need to make your job easier and your operations more efficient. All while keeping your students happier and healthier than ever before.
    From energy-efficient dishwashers and high-performance ovens to kitchen configuration and process optimization tools, we have a full curriculum of equipment and programs that will help you ace the tests you face every day. We even have fun and engaging student outreach materials that you can use to help students make healthier food choices. Not only does this fuel student learning by encouraging them to eat better, it puts you in a better position to maximize your National School Lunch Program reimbursements. It’s win-win! Below, you will find a variety of resources, including case studies, videos ,food ideas , activities and government resources .

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to help K-12 food service professionals achieve their mission to prepare and serve nutritious food to students more efficiently and economically. We do this by providing reliable, energy-efficient dishwashers, ovens, and other food service equipment that leverages innovative engineering and decades of experience along with A+ support and service.

    Grade Cards

    Does Your K-12 Kitchen Equipment Make the Grade?

    If your equipment isn’t up to the test, chances are you’re not achieving your full potential for operational efficiency and productivity. Take a moment to grade your equipment and see how the industry’s best equipment and support professionals can help make you more successful: click here.

    Grades K-8

    Helping You Make a Difference

    The school lunchroom is a place where young students know they will find friendly faces and nutritious meals. For some of them, it may be the only place they get the reliable nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong. Nutrition that nourishes mind and body to fuel academic achievement and personal development. Feeding them is an important job that carries big responsibility. We’re here to help you make a difference in your students’ lives. A positive impact that starts with food and fun in the lunchroom, but stays with them for a lifetime.

    How We Prepare the Future

    We give K-12 food service professionals the tools, information, and support needed to successfully prepare nutritious food for students as they prepare to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our energy-efficient equipment saves energy, conserves precious natural resources, and reduces school-kitchen carbon footprints to help create a cleaner future. With education programs and insightful strategies, we help K-12 food service professionals optimize operational efficiency and enhance cost-effectiveness.

    Grades 9-12

    Too Cool for School

    Teenagers. Right? Raging hormones. Raging appetites. Tastes that vary from day to day. Some things never change. We get it. But more important, we get the things that have changed. Stricter federal nutrition guidelines. Tighter budgets. Steadily increasing efficiency goals. They’re all on your plate. And from planning and process to food prep and cleanup, you can count on us to help you handle it all—to enable you to get more done, more efficiently. The teenagers might not recognize how cool you are, but we sure do.

    Government Resources

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