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    Serving Up Memories & Lessons for a Lifetime

    The school lunchroom is much more than just a place to eat. It’s a dress rehearsal for life. A formative common ground where we learn about ourselves and how to get along with each other. It’s where we discover that little things like offering a lonely classmate a seat can make a big difference. That sharing can spark friendships. That, if we look for the good in people, we can find more that brings us together than drives us apart.
    And behind it all are the food service professionals who pour their hearts and energy into every meal. The dedicated people who nourish us with comforting smiles and thoughtfully prepared food as we make our way forward.
    At Hobart, we feel privileged to play a role in creating lasting lunchroom legacies. We invite you to take some time to share your stories and to enjoy those shared by others. And remember, in the lunchroom of life, there’s room for everybody at the table.


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